7 Benefits of Adopting Stray Animals

Since my childhood, I always wanted a pet but my parents never let me adopt one. They used to say grow up and learn to take care of yourself first. When I have grown up, I totally got uninterested to have pet but one day, I and my sister rescued a little kitten and adopted it from our street. It has been almost 7 years with my cat. In this long journey I have experienced several benefits of having a local pet. I wanna share those with you. Let’s see the benefits of adopting local Dogs & Cats…

1. It’s Free of Cost.

Adoption of stray dogs or cats is simple and free. All you need to do is, to go to the local animal shelter and ask for adopting a cute & needy puppy or kitten. Or you could also pick a lonely little dog or cat from your surrounding areas. You definitely get one. Being a pet parent has always been free, even in the prehistoric era, humans started adopting stray Dogs. But the pet industry brainwashes us for their profits. They implanted a myth that foreign breed is superior and local breed belongs to street, that is stupid logic! Next time if you consider having a pet just look around before stepping into any pet shop.

2. It Stops Animal Exploitation.

When we all initiate to adopt local Dogs or Cats, it decreases the demand for foreign breeds or hybrid pets and eventually pet industry will have to stop hybridizing, selling and torturing innocent animals. And on the other hand, stray and needy animals will get more homes and beautiful families.

3. It Protects Animals from Ill-treatment & Road accidents.

Stray Dogs and Cats live quite miserable lives and they are always in that fear of painful death, hunger and ill-treatment by people. In some countries, stray dogs are killed if they get overpopulated. Most of the stray dogs and cats are not neutered, thus they give birth to several young ones. These small and innocent puppies and kittens are not safe as they could be ill-treated or could be the victims of road accidents. If all pet parents start adopting stray dogs or cats. These poor animals get protected from our harsh world.

4. Easy Availablity of Medicines and Treatment.

Here, I would like to share my personal experience, it may or may not match with your opinion about medical expenses of pets. As I have stray cats as pets, the treatment expense of stray dogs and cats is quite affordable and medicines are easily available for stray animals in my country. In addition, free neutering and vaccination services are provided by many animal welfare hospitals.

5. They Don’t Get Sick Very Often.

My friend bought a husky, it’s a Russian breed. Her dog is not suitable for the tropical climate, it often gets sick in the summer season. So the point is, foregion breed faces trouble to adjust in new climatic conditions, thus they get sick quite often and they could even die, if they are not taken care properly. Whereas if you have local or native breed of dog or cat, they could easily adjust with you. They have less chances to get sick. Because they are adapted to live in the climate and environment of your country.

6. Local Dogs and Cats are not high maintenance.

Grooming of a hybrid pet is quite expensive, and needs to be done on a regular basis. But if you adopt a stray dog or cat, they are not so high maintenance. They don’t need regular grooming, even you could groom them at home.

7. You feel good after providing home to little homeless Puppy or kitten.

This is a great feeling to be the parent of an innocent homeless animal. If you are a true animal lover, You feel so good for choosing a stray dog or cat over an expensive foreign breed. That’s how you could contribute so much for animal welfare in society.

What are your thoughts on adopting local animals? Do you know some other benefits of adopting stray dogs or cat? Let me know your view in comment section.

Clean Marondera – A Zero Waste Community Based Organisation

Elizabeth Ma Nyasha, the founder of “Clean Marondera” a waste management organization, Shared her inspiring story with us where she told us how her organization is making wonders from waste and empowering her community with her innovative products.

Clean Marondera, a ZeroWaste community based organization of Zimbabwe, started with the vision to clean Marondera city and upcycling waste into something valuable. Their projects started in 2014 with few people but they gradually gained support from the local community. Clean Marondera organization is also a training center where people can learn the value of upcycling and making something innovative with trash, which not only solve the problem of waste management but also provide employment for various people who are involved in trash collection, rag picking and junk selling works.

Elizabeth told in her documentary, she has started her project in 2014, to manage the discarded waste. she came up with an idea to turn waste into cash. All her work is done voluntarily, she is doing her work without any monetary help. All her eco products are handmade and made by local community people.

Zero Waste Products By Clean Marondera…

In order to make ECO products, they first collect waste from nearby residential areas, this waste further goes through different processes. They sort these waste materials for upcycling and recycling purposes. The waste which is chosen for upcycling is converted into amazing eco products and the rest of the recyclable material is sold.

They create different products like reusable bags, mats, hats, school bags etc. People of this ZeroWaste community sell their handmade eco products, which enables them to pay for their children’s school fees. This ecopreneurship journey has empowered them to be self dependent and change makers for the environment.

Their products are sustainable and produce zero waste. They make eco products with waste clothes, plastic, tetra packs, wrappers and e – waste by hand swing methods. If we talk about the market price of their eco products, each product costs under 5 USD.

To know more about their work @ Clean Marondera

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Zero Waste & Soild Deodorant Bar! How to make Deodorant Bar at home?

The aim of every sustainable person is to attain more and more environment conscious lifestyle. To make your sustainability journey more comfortable and green. I am going to share a wonderful method to make your own Deodorant Bar, that is vegan, portable and wastefree. Continue reading because this one is different than others DIY Deodorant recipes.

Let’s make a pro version of Zero Waste & Vegan Deodorant

Things you need:

  • 1 tbsp cup shea butter (natural moisturizer)
  • 1 tbsp cup cocoa butter
  • 1 tbsps coconut Oil (nourishing)
  • 1-1.5 tbsps arrowroot powder (keeps your pits dry)
  • 20 drops of lemon essential oil or your favourite essential oil (natural fragrance)
  • 2 tbsps candelilla wax or any vegan wax (this prevents the bar from melting)

Steps To Make Vegan Deodorant Bar

  • Step 1 – Put shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and candelilla wax in a bowl.
  • Step 2 – Place the bowl with ingredients on another pot with some water in it. (Use double broiler if you have it)
  • Step 3 – Let all the ingredients melt.
  • Step 4 – Make sure the wax has melted completely. (It may take time)
  • Step 5 – Add arrowroot powder and essential oil. Mix everything well.
  • Step 6 – Pour the melted mixer in a mold and leave it to set until solid. Your Deodorant Bar is ready. Store it in a cool place.

Benefits of Using This Deodorant Bar

  • Eco Friendly
  • Portable
  • Waste free
  • Vegan
  • Natural and Skin friendly
  • Good for green consumerism

You could make bunch of these Deodorant Bars for you and your close ones. Or you could start selling these Deodorant Bar for eco friendly consumers. What are your views on this idea? Let me know!

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Man Invented Solar Heated Tent for Indian Army Soldiers, who are posted in Freezing Cold areas…

World’s first Solar Heated Tent was built by Sonam Wanchuk, an Indian engineer, innovator, environmentalist and education reformist. In his video on YouTube, Sonam Wanchuk introduced his new invention of Solar Heated Tent For Indian army at galwan valley. Let’s know some important details and innovative ideas which he has used for building his amazing Solar Heated Tent.

As we know it’s hard to survive on mountains but hats off to those soldiers who spend most of their time on borders, no matter how harsh climatic conditions they have to face, they are ready to serve their country at any cost, even the cost of their lives.

In his interview, Sonam Wanchuk described how hard conditions army soldiers face during their duties on cold climatic mountain regions, they have to live there in typical tents which hardly saves them from extreme cold or they live in iron containers which are costly and non portable.

This inspired Mr. Sonam Wanchuk to invent a solar heated portable tent which is his 15 years old invention, he first made this Solar Heated shelter for nomadics of Kashmir. He saw that Indian army soldiers who are posted in Galwan valley in winters are facing so much trouble as the temperature of this place remains low. Thus he decided to do something to address this problem of soldiers, he started working on a passive solar heated tent project, so that soldiers could stay comfortably in harsh climatic conditions and they don’t need to use fuel for heating which harms the environment.

Let’s Look Inside The Passive Solar Heated Tent

This Solar Heated Tent is divided into two parts, first is the greenhouse part which absorbs solar heat from the sun and second is the sleeping chamber, where people could sleep at night. The part of the sleeping chamber is highly insulated and waterproof. In the daytime Greenhouse part remains warm as it obtains solar heat. The wall dividing two chambers works as a heat bank. This wall stores heat and it enables the sleeping chamber to remain warmer at night when temperature gets lower.

The walls of sleeping chamber are highly insulated that means they trap heat and resists the cold at night. Sleeping chamber section is heated by a heat bank wall, which stores maximum solar heat from the greenhouse part at day time. That’s how this amazing solar heated tent works. The cost price of this solar heated tent is around Rs. 5 lakhs or 6,891.39 us dollars.

I hope you like this environment friendly innovative idea. For more ideas like this stay tune with Greenfy Me.

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Top 5 Straws to Stop Ocean Pollution

It is estimated that billions of single use plastic straws are produced, used and thrown away everyday. We use a straw for minutes but it remains in the environment for 200 years as a land and Ocean pollutant. Most of the single used plastic straws are non biodegradable and toxic. These straws’ last destination is either water bodies (due to beach littering) or landfills. On land areas these thin plastic straws are prone to get consumed by stray animals along with leftover food. If we talk about water bodies, marine animals are getting affected by disposed plastic straws. These animals consume disposed straws, which becomes the reason for their death.

Single used plastic straws are widely used and it will be difficult for people to quit it until they are not provided with any solution. There are lots of alternatives of typical plastic straws but most people are not aware of them because these options are not as popular as typical fancy plastic straws. Let’s know the other kind of straws which you could switch to in order to save your Planet!

#1 Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Straws is a good option if you are fond of the Zero Waste lifestyle. These straws are made out of stainless steel, which means they don’t get rusted. Steel straw is long lasting, washable and reusable for many years. You can carry it anywhere to avoid using plastic straws.

#2 Bamboo Straws

As steel straws bamboo straws could be reused. They also last longer but not as steel straws. These straws are biodegradable and made out of bamboo. It means they don’t pollute landmasses, these straws easily dissolve in soil.

#3 Coconut leaves Straws

These straws are very eco-friendly and making progress doesn’t harm coconut trees. They are simply made out of dried coconut leaves, which fall apart from trees. If we talk about its durability, these straws can’t be reused. Coconut straws are decomposed very fast and provide organic matter to soil.

#4 Edible Straws

Have you ever heard of edible straws? The straws which you could eat after drinking through it. These straws are made out of grains. These straws are not long-lasting and reusable but the good thing is, these straws don’t create any waste and if you throw them in waterways they become food for marine animals. Isn’t it amazing!

#5 Paper Straws

Paper straw is good because it’s biodegradable but if we talk about other qualities, it’s not as sustainable as straws which are mentioned above. Paper straws are not long lasting and can’t be reused. Trees are cut for making paper, however paper straws are easily dissolved in soil and don’t create pollution. Which makes these straws far better than plastic straws.


I think small changes could help all of us to achieve big goal of sustainable future. I personally like to use Stainless Steel Straws. It could be carried, washed and re-used easily for longer time.

Thanks for reading this article and stay tuned for more eco friendly ideas.

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Switch To Sustainable Periods! With these 3 Ideas…

Sanitary Pads may be comfortable for women but it is bringing discomfort to the planet. Did you know that a sanitary pad takes 500-800 years to decompose. Sanitary pads produce millions tonnes of waste every year. This waste is unsustainable and takes centuries to decompose.

Sanitary pad, tampons and menstrual cups are compulsory parts of women’s life. These all things maintain personal hygiene in the menstrual cycle. In olden times women used to stay at home due to their menstrual cycle but sanitary pads brought so much comfort in women’s lives. It enabled women to maintain personal hygiene along with comfort. Now it’s almost impossible to eliminate the use of these things. so what should we do? Here are some sustainable ways to maintain personal hygiene in your periods.

Reusable Pads

Reusable Pads are quite sustainable, these pads are made up of natural fabrics. You could also make your own reusable Pads. These pads are washable and last longer. When you throw a reusable pad after several usages it decomposes in weeks and dissolves in land without polluting it. Reusable pads are needed to be washed properly to avoid odor and stains of menstrual fluid.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are being used widely in the west. These are considered sustainable options in comparison to pads. A good menstrual cup may last for 10 year. It means you can save your money which you spend on every month on menstrual products. If you replace your regular pad with a menstrual cup you could also prevent yourself from dumping hundreds of unsustainable pads in landfills, hence you contribute a little to save Planet from waste.

Biodegradable Pads

If you are not comfortable with reusable pads or menstrual cups. Biodegradable Pad is another good option which you should consider. You could switch reusable Pads and menstrual cups with biodegradable pads. These pads are made up of natural fibers hence these are not harmful for the environment. Just like reusable pads, It dissolves with nature. So next time you buy sanitary pads make sure it’s biodegradable!

Which kind of pad would you consider buying!? Comment me down below and share you views with us

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