7 Benefits of Adopting Stray Animals

Since my childhood, I always wanted a pet but my parents never let me adopt one. They used to say grow up and learn to take care of yourself first. When I have grown up, I totally got uninterested to have pet but one day, I and my sister rescued a little kitten and adopted it from our street. It has been almost 7 years with my cat. In this long journey I have experienced several benefits of having a local pet. I wanna share those with you. Let’s see the benefits of adopting local Dogs & Cats…

1. It’s Free of Cost.

Adoption of stray dogs or cats is simple and free. All you need to do is, to go to the local animal shelter and ask for adopting a cute & needy puppy or kitten. Or you could also pick a lonely little dog or cat from your surrounding areas. You definitely get one. Being a pet parent has always been free, even in the prehistoric era, humans started adopting stray Dogs. But the pet industry brainwashes us for their profits. They implanted a myth that foreign breed is superior and local breed belongs to street, that is stupid logic! Next time if you consider having a pet just look around before stepping into any pet shop.

2. It Stops Animal Exploitation.

When we all initiate to adopt local Dogs or Cats, it decreases the demand for foreign breeds or hybrid pets and eventually pet industry will have to stop hybridizing, selling and torturing innocent animals. And on the other hand, stray and needy animals will get more homes and beautiful families.

3. It Protects Animals from Ill-treatment & Road accidents.

Stray Dogs and Cats live quite miserable lives and they are always in that fear of painful death, hunger and ill-treatment by people. In some countries, stray dogs are killed if they get overpopulated. Most of the stray dogs and cats are not neutered, thus they give birth to several young ones. These small and innocent puppies and kittens are not safe as they could be ill-treated or could be the victims of road accidents. If all pet parents start adopting stray dogs or cats. These poor animals get protected from our harsh world.

4. Easy Availablity of Medicines and Treatment.

Here, I would like to share my personal experience, it may or may not match with your opinion about medical expenses of pets. As I have stray cats as pets, the treatment expense of stray dogs and cats is quite affordable and medicines are easily available for stray animals in my country. In addition, free neutering and vaccination services are provided by many animal welfare hospitals.

5. They Don’t Get Sick Very Often.

My friend bought a husky, it’s a Russian breed. Her dog is not suitable for the tropical climate, it often gets sick in the summer season. So the point is, foregion breed faces trouble to adjust in new climatic conditions, thus they get sick quite often and they could even die, if they are not taken care properly. Whereas if you have local or native breed of dog or cat, they could easily adjust with you. They have less chances to get sick. Because they are adapted to live in the climate and environment of your country.

6. Local Dogs and Cats are not high maintenance.

Grooming of a hybrid pet is quite expensive, and needs to be done on a regular basis. But if you adopt a stray dog or cat, they are not so high maintenance. They don’t need regular grooming, even you could groom them at home.

7. You feel good after providing home to little homeless Puppy or kitten.

This is a great feeling to be the parent of an innocent homeless animal. If you are a true animal lover, You feel so good for choosing a stray dog or cat over an expensive foreign breed. That’s how you could contribute so much for animal welfare in society.

What are your thoughts on adopting local animals? Do you know some other benefits of adopting stray dogs or cat? Let me know your view in comment section.

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