Switch To Sustainable Periods! With these 3 Ideas…

Sanitary Pads may be comfortable for women but it is bringing discomfort to the planet. Did you know that a sanitary pad takes 500-800 years to decompose. Sanitary pads produce millions tonnes of waste every year. This waste is unsustainable and takes centuries to decompose.

Sanitary pad, tampons and menstrual cups are compulsory parts of women’s life. These all things maintain personal hygiene in the menstrual cycle. In olden times women used to stay at home due to their menstrual cycle but sanitary pads brought so much comfort in women’s lives. It enabled women to maintain personal hygiene along with comfort. Now it’s almost impossible to eliminate the use of these things. so what should we do? Here are some sustainable ways to maintain personal hygiene in your periods.

Reusable Pads

Reusable Pads are quite sustainable, these pads are made up of natural fabrics. You could also make your own reusable Pads. These pads are washable and last longer. When you throw a reusable pad after several usages it decomposes in weeks and dissolves in land without polluting it. Reusable pads are needed to be washed properly to avoid odor and stains of menstrual fluid.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are being used widely in the west. These are considered sustainable options in comparison to pads. A good menstrual cup may last for 10 year. It means you can save your money which you spend on every month on menstrual products. If you replace your regular pad with a menstrual cup you could also prevent yourself from dumping hundreds of unsustainable pads in landfills, hence you contribute a little to save Planet from waste.

Biodegradable Pads

If you are not comfortable with reusable pads or menstrual cups. Biodegradable Pad is another good option which you should consider. You could switch reusable Pads and menstrual cups with biodegradable pads. These pads are made up of natural fibers hence these are not harmful for the environment. Just like reusable pads, It dissolves with nature. So next time you buy sanitary pads make sure it’s biodegradable!

Which kind of pad would you consider buying!? Comment me down below and share you views with us

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